Why do we not allow recruiters on JobBliss?

Freelance is hard. There are no guarantees and no job security. We get it, because we have all been there. We believe that the freelancer should get every penny they earn, which is why we have built a system that directly connects the talent to the jobs, without a middleman. Any jobs posted on JobBliss, should be 100% markup free, so that we can give these talented people the greatest opportunity to make a living as possible.

Recruiters are great people, and have a fantastic skill set in finding hard to reach talent quickly. We know there is a place for everyone - but as far as freelance staffing goes, we believe that marking up a freelancers rate on an ongoing basis, makes it very hard for freelancers to build a business. Unlike recruiters and other freelance marketplaces, JobBliss does not consider freelancers inventory (we don't own you).

This is why JobBliss is recruiter free. Using a subscription fee model for companies allows us to connect freelancers DIRECTLY with the potential employer, build their own relationships, and make decisions accordingly. Want to work fulltime at the company? No problem, go ahead. Want to work with a freelancer on an ongoing basis? Go ahead, you won't have a markup on every hour of every job. No contracts - it's all up to you!